Bridal Shower: The Fiancé's Perfect Role

Bridal Shower: The Fiancé's Perfect Role

Bridal showers often pops up a few unexpected questions that we may not even think of until the eleventh hour. Such as: What's my role in my fianceé's bridal shower?, Do I need to be at the party or not? To help set the record straight, we're taking a look at modern bridal shower etiquette.

Should You attend the bridal shower?

It's absolutely up to you and your fianceé to decide whether you will attend the bridal shower but most importantly let her make the final decision. Modern etiquette suggests that You show up toward the end of the shower to say hello and help stock up the car full of gifts (if there are). However, if you feels timid or uncomfortable joining the party at the end, it's absolutely not a requirement or an expectation. Besides, You may want to take the opportunity to spend some quality time with his friends. So talk to her about how you feel and ensure you don't leave with a few scratches of unhappiness. Remember it's her big day.

Should You attend the entire bridal shower?

If you're hosting a couples' shower, well, you both should be in attendance throughout the event. Otherwise, it's expected that if you the fiancé shows up, it'll be toward the end of the event. Thirty minutes to an hour is usually considered a good amount of time, as most showers run for only a few hours.

If You attends the shower, what should You do?

The whole purpose of a bridal shower is to celebrate the joining of your fianceé and you. It's a time for the people you love to spend quality time together, showering her with gifts, well wishes, and a lot of love. Your only job is to relax, enjoy the party, and chat with loved ones who went out of their way to spend the day with you and your fianceé and same goes for your her.

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Is it silly to hold a couples' shower?

Couples' showers is becoming more and more popular. A couples' shower is a great opportunity to get your closest friends and family together and to introduce people you may not have a chance to link up during your wedding day.