Buying A Cologne: Five Expert Tips

Buying A Cologne: Five Expert Tips

Picking out a cologne isn’t really that much of a rocket. On the other hand, choosing the wrong cologne can blow up on you in less obvious ways, including making you a cynosure of a room full of offended people.

While there are some expert tips that can help you to make better choices, it often comes down to trial and error.

Follow your nose

Never buy a cologne, perfume, or eau de toilette without first trying it on your skin, allow it to interact with your skin chemistry. Trust your sense of smell, don't be afraid to look at new brands or colognes that you’ve never heard of before, that’s the best way to find something that you’ll love.

Take a friend with you

Even if you do trust your instincts, bringing someone with you especially a trusted female friend is always a plus. Besides, two good noses are better than one. So, if both of you like a fragrance it’s significantly more likely that others will agree too, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow their whimsy.

Try smaller brands

Don’t just reach for a designer brand that is celebrity-endorsed. Although, a small selection of major brands attract the overwhelming amount of attention, but there are thousands of cologne brands, many of which only sell a few hundred bottles each year. Most smaller brands often concentrate on one thing – colognes and perfumes – and their focus is on making the things they produce the highest quality. The beauty of buying a scent from one of these boutique creators is that you are likely to be the only person in your area wearing that fragrance. A unique scent that people identify you with can be powerful.


Let it mix with your skin

Put it on your skin and be patient. A quality fragrance needs about 15 minutes to react with your skin and for its essence to come forth. Fragrances are created using a mixture of oils, these oils react with the oils on your skin and alter the scent of the perfume. Therefore, although every bottle of a perfume will smell the same, that fragrance is distorted the moment it hits your skin.

If in doubt, choose a basic scent

If you still can’t find a fragrance that you like after all of this advice, pick something extremely basic. Generic scents are usually relatively basic, they often have fresh and citrus notes. Avoid more complex scent to lower the chance of it not being liked by many.