Gym Wears: A Gentleman's Guide

Gym Wears: A Gentleman's Guide

Fitness is an indivisible part of a gentleman’s life. Apart from the health benefit of exercising, even a suit looks twice as nice on a fitted body. So, if you're already a gym addict or intend to start keeping up to shape, here are a few guide to a gentleman’s gym wears.

Your Gym Bag

First of all your gym bag should be something sturdy, something you can take to the office with you, something that can perfectly complement your suit and your debonair personality. This is a gentleman’s get-go bag as they go perfectly with every outfit, from casual to full Harvey Specter.

gym wears guide for gents

Get the Proper Footwear

You don’t want to wear your regular sneakers to the gym, as it’s not only unsanitary, but it can be dangerous as well – for you image and your health.

Your gym shoes should be comfortable for all your cardio and building purposes. The footwear can be regular trainers with comfy soles that will provide enough traction and comfort for those steady running sessions or even explosive endurance exercises.

gym wears guide for gents

Leggings, shorts, or sweats

When it comes to leg wear, you need a mix of comfort, functionality, and elegance. Fortunately, leggings, shorts, and sweats all work to achieve this, depending on your style and preference.

However, the most important part is functionality. Your leg wear needs to provide enough pressure to keep the blood flowing and keep you warm and dry during the workout, so breathable compression clothing is a must.

Performance shirts

Endeavour to wear pure cotton or dry-fit compression shirts. Simple cotton shirts are plentiful in style and so are compression shirts, however, with the a dry-fit compression shirt you will be able to increase your performance due to their breathable and sweat-resistant design.

gym wears guide for gents

A gentleman not only knows his way around the weight stack and a heavy punching bag, he also knows how to take his unique style with him no matter where he goes. Hope this guide improves your style when next you hit the gym.