How To Become a Fitness Model

How To Become a Fitness Model

Fitness modeling is a highly competitive industry and it takes quite a lot of hard work and dedication to break through to limelight. It is sometimes referred to as sports modeling.

evan with photos of fitness models splashed everywhere — on magazines cover, in commercials, and in advertisements —many people don’t know a lot about fitness modeling or what it takes to become one.

The Misconceptions

Fitness modeling isn't the same as bodybuilding neither fit modeling. Fit models simply work behind the scenes with designers and manufacturers to ensure each garment has the ideal sizing, fit, feel, and movement. While bodybuilders or figure competitors are self explanatory. Therefore, fitness modeling is entirely different from the aforementioned in all ramifications.

Physical Requirements of Fitness Modeling

In fitness modeling, physical requirements aren’t as strict as other modeling divisions, such as fashion and runway. Emphasis is lay more on body type rather than measurements. A male fitness model should be lean and fit, with firm muscle tone and have a height in range of 5’ 10" to 6’ 3" or more.​

Furthermore, fitness models also need to be good look and healthy, great skin and glossy hairto compliment a beautiful smile. it is important that a fitness model look marketable to a wide range of clients and customers.

Companies You Can Work For as a Fitness Model

As a fitness model you work for supplement manufacturers, athletic wear companies, fitness companies, and magazines.

Fitness Models photos can appear in everything from catalogs and magazines to promotional materials and billboards. Most fitness models work part-time as a secondary source of income. Don’t forget, though, that maintaining your physique requires full-time dedication!

How To Get Started

There mainly two ways you can kick start your career as a fitness model:

Firstly, to get noticed by top fitness companies, magazines, photographers, and agencies is to enter a fitness modeling competition.

Secondly, by submitting your photos to a reputable online model scouting agency, such as, your photos will be seen by the most important agents and scouts in the world. It’s the most legitimate and cost-effective way to gain the direct connections you need to kick-start your fitness modeling career.