How to Submit Photos to Modeling Agencies

How to Submit Photos to Modeling Agencies

Most models don't realize the importance of applying professional ethics while sending their photos to agencies and this has cost some of them a great deal.

If you send your photos in a lackadaisical fashion, then it makes agents wonder if you are that careless as well. You need to pay attention to details, write mails in a professional way, so that your prospecting agents can take you seriously.

Now before sending out your photos to multiple agencies, check out how they accept photo submissions. Some may only accept photos by email and others only by mail.

Again, be sure to only send your photos to agencies that accept your particular type of model. There is absolutely no need submitting photos to female modeling agencies if you are a male model and vice versa.

When sending your photos via email be sure to include all your basic information and if it is by mail make sure you write them behind your each photos to avoid misplacing the information included in the mail if written on a separate paper. These information are:

  • Your Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Measurements (bust, waist, and hips for women, and waist and jacket size for men)
  • Current Location
  • Contact Information (phone numbers, email address)
  • Citizenship (where your passport was issued)
  • Agencies currently representing you, if any

Now, for submitting your photos to modeling agencies here are tips you should know.

First off, in an tempt to want to impress your agents in any way, I strongly advise that you stick to the facts they want to know, which are:

Your Height

The general height measurements for male models are between 5’ 10" - 6’ 2", but that is mostly applied to men working as fashion and runway models. Therefore, if your below the height range you still other types of modeling you can venture into.

Check the Size of Your Photos

Do not send photos are not too large if you are send via email. 1MB per photo should be the maximum, 500 KB is great. If your photos are too large, they take too long to download and your email could be deleted even before your photos are reviewed.

Do not send your photos in a zip file and do not send a link to a website. For rear of viruses, agents will probably not open the file or click the link.

Address Each Agency Separately

If you are sending your photos to ten agencies it is expected that you write ten of them separately. Take the time to address each agency individually in your email or cover letter. Never copy any agency in another's email, it embarrasses them and drive them into thinking they were not your first choice.

Pay Attention to Detail

Ensure you pay close attention to some pretty petty but important details such as; grammar and spelling -cross check vividly. Also make sure your cover letter is neat and readable if you've handwritten it and you're send by mail.

Always be Professional

In the modeling world, professionalism gives you an edge and remember that modeling agencies are looking for a complete package. so, it takes more than just good looks to be a successful model. Models need to be professional and business-like evary step of the way.