How to survive long flights without pain: Tips to Stay active on a Plane

How to survive long flights without pain: Tips to Stay active on a Plane

Despite the long list of detriments that come with long-haul flights, it can still be fun if you know how to prepare in advance. These simple tips will help you sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Get busy

The worst thing you can do on a long flight is just sit there thinking about how long the flight is. Get engage with something- perhaps a novel or even a game app on ur mobile device. When your brain is busy, it’s anticipating what happens next, which makes time seem to fly by.

Eat what You Know

A general rule of thumb: Don’t eat anything you wouldn’t eat at home. everyone loves the sound of the food cart coming down the aisle, but you might want to think twice about the packaged meal. To be on a safe side you can pre-order at the time of booking. You can also bring your own TSA-friendly foods in small containers, like quinoa and fruits.

Stretch as much as You can

Sitting for long periods of time can cause minor back pain, fatigue, stiff joints, and even blood clots. when you’re on the flight, periodically move body parts to keep blood flowing and loosen stiffness. Do simple exercises like ankle circles, foot pumps, knee lifts, and neck rolls to stay agile and keep your circulation flowing.

Stay hydrated

Cabin air is drier than the Sahara Desert, which makes you feel tired, causes dry mouth, and makes you dizzy. It’s a discomfort you can avoid by staying hydrated. So if possible, drink hydrolyte water to avoid frequenting the rest room.


Fly Business Class if you can

Most premium cabins now offer fully flat seats, which take the pressure off your spine and back as you sleep—and they’re definitely more spacious so you don’t feel cramped. There are also fewer people up front, so you can get up and walk around without causing a traffic jam in the aisle or disturbing people. Business class minimizes stress levels, which lessens taut muscles.