How to Take Pre-wedding Photos - You really love

How to Take Pre-wedding Photos -  You really love

It is worth noting that we are not only celebrating the real weddings of the world but also serving as a resource for couples who are going into this planning journey feeling nervous and perhaps unprepared. So, how to get what you really want out of your engagement photos is our most concern in this post.

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Get Comfortable

This literally means comfort in every physical sense - choosing clothes that you are comfortable in, that you can move in, that make you feel like you - but, it can as well mean comfort in a far bigger sense. Choosing a surrounding that you know and feel at home in, getting her makeup done professionally so she feels gorgeous, asking your photographer - very specifically - to give you ideas on how you can get better shots so that you feel prepared and more at ease.

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Trust Your Photographer

If you went through the effort of finding a photographer that you love - whose innate style you love and whose output of imagery you love - trust them. Listen to them and let them guide you. Do not try to force poses that you've seen before or try to specifically construct what you want the final outcome to look like, as this could really affect your photographer's work output.

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Don't Copy

Try to be original, don't expect to recreate an image you saw online. Most are artificially created and posed. So if you then try to mimic such, there is a solid chance that you will be super disappointed in the outcome. It all falls back to trusting your photographer and letting the experience and those amazing shots unfold in a very natural way.

Think About Photo Usage

Consider how you will be using your engagement photos... Your wedding website? Framed in your home? On your save the dates? Convey these ideas to your photographer so that they can shoot with those priorities in mind. So that they know to shoot vertical shots for an invitation. They know to shoot horizontal for your website. Which brings us to...

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Share Ideas

Share as much as you can about your wedding with your photographer. The more you share about the wedding itself - the vibe, the venue, the details, the color (evan if still just rough ideas) - the more they can guide the shoot in a way that will compliment all of those elements. You will get much more use out of your photos if they fit the look and feel of your wedding details.