Microsoft to Bring Xbox Live Features to Android and iOS Games

Microsoft to Bring Xbox Live Features to Android and iOS Games

Microsoft is poise to open up Xbox Live features such as achievements, gamerscore, friends lists, and clubs to mobile game developers with a new software development kit (SDK). It forms a part of what's being described as a Microsoft Game Stack, allowing developers to use all of its tools and services for game development. These include Azure and PlayFab, which let developers build cloud-connected games. It will also include the likes of DirectX, Havok, Mixer, Simplygon, Xbox Game Studios, and the aforementioned Xbox Live.

In what should come as no surprise at this point, Microsoft is also open to bringing Xbox Live for game developers working on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, though it's unlikely to happen just yet. Though Microsoft cloud gaming boss Kareem Chodhry hinted at a potential announcement for the latter in the future.

"Our goal is to really unite the 2 billion gamers of the world and we're big fans of our Xbox Live community, but we don't have any specific announcements as it relates to Switch today,”

He said in conversation withThe Verge.


"If you've watched us for the past few years, we've taken a very inclusive approach, Phil [Spencer] has been very proactive on issues like crossplay, cross-progression, and uniting gamer networks, and we're willing to partner with the industry as much as we possibly can."

When you consider how poorly the Xbox One has fared this generation, it only makes sense for Microsoft to embed its services into as many platforms and games as possible in order to justify its presence in the gaming space. And while it's great to see developers have more options, it will be interesting to see how they stack up compared to other options available at the moment.