The Accessories Every Gent Needs

The Accessories Every Gent Needs

You could be wearing a black suit and a white shirt and at the same time the guy next to you might be wearing a black suit and a white shirt. The only way that’s going to make your outfit different from his is the accessories that you choose.

So what are the accessories you need in your wardrobe? Let's find out.

Men Accessories

A Watch

The first off you need a good watch. From a metal watch to a leather dress watch the choices are endless, but the one important thing is that you need to have at least 1 watch in your wardrobe.

The importance of wearing a good watch can not be over emphasized, from getting compliments to starting starting conversations. But, above all get a watch that suits your every day lifestyle as you can't wear a Rolex to a construction site as an Engineer.

Men Accessories

A Pocket Square

pocket square adds colour to your suit jacket. If perhaps the suit jacket or the blazer that you’re going to wear is going to be plain. From a classic black blazer to a Charcoal Grey suit jacket, a pocket square can inject some colour when needed.

Men Accessories

A Pair of Sunglasses

As weird as it sound, most stylish men can't go out without a pair of sunglasses. But even if you are not a big fan of sunglasses, you still need a good pair in your wardrobe for holidays and the sun.

I will recommend that you have a cheaper pair for occasions that you don’t really want to risk losing or breaking the expensive one. A good pair of sunglasses can have an impact on your overall look, and can also hide those tired eyes from the night before.

Stylish Socks

A good choice of socks are an easy way to make a subtle statement and express a little bit more personality.

You do need to have a few pairs of socks in your wardrobe, but don’t neglect the socks that you’re wearing on your feet.

Men Accessories

A Wallet or Cardholder

Of course, you don't want pull out your fabric wallet when you buying someone a drink, it’s not going to go down very well. So invest in a good leather wallet. Again focus on quality and you’ll be able to keep the same wallet for years to come. You as well get a cardholder which looks slimmer yet stylish as most businesses receive smart payment these days.

A Tie

Even if your day to day style is casual, you still need to own at least one tie, but you still need a few ties in your wardrobe for formal occasions.

You can opt for something that injects some colour to an outfit, and going for a silk can nicely offset other fabrics.