The Groomswomen: Bridesmaids in Tuxedos

The Groomswomen: Bridesmaids in Tuxedos

Walking down the aisle with the ones we truly love and saying "I do" is a dream most people nurture ( except of course, for Catholic Priests and Monks or individuals who have resolved to remain celibate) and can't wait enough for that moment to come true. There often fantasies already created in our minds on how that day should or would be - a kind of fairy tale depicting 'Alice in wonderland'.

When it comes to having a wedding, all we care about aside loving our spouses is to stun in the most amazing outfit there is. Hence, ideas begins to fly, groom and friends meet at joints or bars to discuss plans on having  a perfect wedding day. The Bride also have no time wasting in choosing a perfect wedding dress to slay for her King.

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Whether or not, at weddings we see some of the most fashionable styles and designers' creativity in display with fashionistas pushing the fashion trend to its very own limit. Here we try to look at some of the best bridal trains or 'Groomswomen' that have stunned in -tuxie.

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